Big Data

Seminars and workshops on Big Data, Hadoop, Analytics and Data Lake. You will benefit from the expertise of thought leaders such as Rick van der Lans, Keith McCormick and Mike Ferguson.


Ontwerpen van een Nieuwe Data Architectuur

(Dutch spoken) Organizations need data science, self-service BI, embedded BI, edge analytics, and customer-driven BI. This seminar provides guidelines, roadmaps, design criteria, tips, design rules, use cases, case studies, and practical examples for developing a new future-proof data architecture.

Rick van der Lans

Virtual delivery, 3 half days: March 7-9

Your office or home office

Live Stream only



Data and Analytics as a Line of Business

In this half day seminar, Donald Farmer will cover three easy and effective ways to get started with leveraging data as a resource and analytics as a line of business offering. We will cover communities of practice and tools of choice as well as governance, compliance and privacy.

Donald Farmer

March 31 - virtual half day seminar

Thuiswerkplek of op kantoor

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Practical tuturial with John O'Brien

DataOps for Better and Faster Analytics

In this DataOps seminar John O'Brien will cover which principles and technologies to focus on initially. How to adopt DataOps to speed analytics development and delivery. How to continuously engineer, deploy, and operationalize data pipelines with automation and monitoring.

John O’Brien

7 april

Thuiswerkplek of op kantoor

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Logisch Datawarehouse – Architectuur, Ontwerp en Technologie

The Logical Data Warehouse, a flexible architecture introduced by Gartner, is based on disconnecting reporting and analysis on the one hand and information sources on the other. Rick van der Lans discusses the architecture, implementation aspects and offers a market overview.

Rick van der Lans

April 12-13, if virtual delivery: April 11-13


Face-to-Face and Live Streaming


Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics

Look at how machine learning and advanced analytical techniques techniques such as text analyses, sentiment analysis, graph and streaming analytics can be used at scale on Big data to provide new insight that helps foster growth, reduce costs and improve effectiveness for competitive advantage.

Mike Ferguson